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Our Story

The concept was simply to create a rustic & rural environment with lots of conversation pieces on the wall and to serve excellent quality freshly cooked food. Our Dhaba restaurant defined as a mainstream casual dining joint, where we provide a friendly, attentive service in a relaxed environment, by the staff and owners who truly enjoy their passion.

The overall decor of Sethi da Dhaba has also evolved over each passing time. We try to showcase a much softer, cleaner more contemporary casual dining look. We offer delivery throughout the downtown core seven days a week, also provide take out, fast pickup and on-site catering in addition to full table service. 

 Inside View of Sethi Da Dhaba Kochi

Our Love for Food

An  Ambient reminiscence of the nostalgic charm of the traditional Dhabas that light up the Highways of Punjab.

Get soaked in an atmosphere that will take you miles away in a refreshingly different atmosphere created by the soothing lights of the lanterns. Enjoy a hearty meal as you enjoy the ideal rural like ambience, while the aroma of freshly cooked tandoori delicacies tingles your appetite.

Paneer Tikka
Tanoori Chicken
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